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New Oracle Marketing Cloud Innovations Help Marketers Deliver More Relevant Customer Experiences Across Channels

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New Oracle Marketing Cloud Innovations Help Marketers Deliver More Relevant Customer Experiences Across Channels

New features help marketers target their ideal customers, adapt to real-time behavior and leverage innovations in marketing technology as they happen

MODERN MARKETING EXPERIENCE – LAS VEGAS – April 1, 2015 – To better connect marketers with their individual customers and orchestrate real-time, personalized experiences, Oracle today extended the Oracle Marketing Cloud with the addition of three new innovations: Oracle ID Graph, Rapid Retargeter, and AppCloud Connect. The latest innovations give marketers a more holistic view of their customers and adapt to relevant, real-time interactions across channels. These enhancements also make it easier to tap into the innovations of the marketing ecosystem to connect marketing data, applications, and media from a variety of vendors in one place.

Marketers today struggle to connect the vast amount of data created as customers move from channel to channel, engaging with brands, products, and services both online and offline. In fact, according to recent studies, 85 percent of chief marketing officers (CMOs) say leveraging data from multiple sources is proving to be a significant challenge. Only 12 percent of marketers believe their marketing is agile enough to drive adequate business results. To further complicate how marketers interact with customers, many current campaign and journey tools create linear paths that aren’t dynamic enough to keep pace with the unpredictable way that people engage with brands in the real world.

The Oracle ID Graph helps marketers connect identities across disparate marketing channels and devices to one person. Powered by the Oracle Marketing Cloud and Oracle Data Cloud, the Oracle ID Graph seamlessly pulls together the many IDs across marketing channels and devices that comprise a given person, enabling marketers to tie their interactions to an actionable customer profile. This ID enables the marketer to orchestrate a relevant, personalized experience for each individual across marketing channels.

The new Rapid Retargeter feature enables marketers to go one step further. Part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud’s cross-channel marketing solution for consumers, Oracle B2C Cross-Channel Marketing, Rapid Retargeter enables marketers to adapt customer interactions as they happen and then immediately deliver the most relevant and timely message. For example, after abandoning an online shopping cart, a customer may receive an email reminder of the cart’s contents or see a display-advertising campaign to reinforce the marketer’s brand during that phase of product consideration. Unlike many retargeting tools that are siloed in one channel and have inherent latency in reaching customers, Rapid Retargeter enables the marketer to orchestrate all marketing channels and retarget the customer almost instantly.

“Today’s marketers are struggling to orchestrate effective, real-time customer experiences due to difficulties connecting behaviors to individual customers, limited visibility of real-time customer interactions, and IT integration issues,” said John Stetic, group vice president, Product Development, Oracle Marketing Cloud. “Oracle Marketing Cloud addresses these challenges and transforms the way marketers connect with customers by delivering a comprehensive set of capabilities that bring together an advanced view of the customer, including real-time customer interactions, for more relevant and effective marketing campaigns.”

Extending its commitment to provide the most integrated and open marketing platform, Oracle has also created AppCloud Connect, a set of APIs and open frameworks that enable organizations and marketing technology vendors to leverage apps and media within the context of Oracle Marketing Cloud. With the ability to connect data, apps, and media, marketers can take advantage of the current marketing technology they use today provided by hundreds of marketing and CRM vendors. They can also integrate with other existing Oracle Customer Experience Cloud (Oracle CX Cloud) applications such as Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, and Oracle Commerce.

Key Benefits

The latest updates to the Oracle Marketing Cloud provide:

Ability to target individual customers, not segments: Moving beyond legacy data warehouse and CRM approaches to customer data, Oracle Marketing Cloud connects disparate behaviors that occur across offline and digital channels to one individual person – all while making it actionable for targeting and cross-channel orchestration.
Complete and actionable audience data: With pre-loaded third-party data from Oracle Data Cloud alongside proprietary data the marketer owns, Oracle Marketing Cloud customers can access and target approximately one billion customer profiles with rich audience data and attributes.
Self-directed, real-time experience for customers: Departing from traditional journey tools that have major lag times for delivering the right experience or message, Oracle Marketing Cloud’s cross-channel solutions leverage real-time events to help marketers to deliver relevant customer experiences.
Open platform to leverage marketing ecosystem: With a rich ecosystem of integrations provided by hundreds of data, apps and media providers, Oracle Marketing Cloud helps marketers leverage the technology they have today and the innovations of tomorrow just when they need them.
Scale across entire customer experience: As part of Oracle CX Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud seamlessly integrates with sales, service and commerce applications to help organizations create consistent, connected, and personalized brand experiences across all channels and devices.

Additional Information

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