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How can I contact your international offices or access your international Recruitment Consultants? Our site is multi-lingual, so in order to make contact with your desired office location such as the UK, Germany, Switzerland or Brazil, or to select the appropriate language such as English, French,... Lees meer
Who can I contact regards international payroll queries? The best and easiest way to contact us, from anywhere in the world, is to use our Contact Us page which means your enquiry will be distributed to the relevant Recruitment Consultant who has worked... Lees meer
How can I gain additional information on Next Venture's services? There are many ways for us to make contact with you in order to provide you with additional information on our services. You could call one of our offices around the world, for example you could make... Lees meer

Next Ventures selecteert de allerbeste kandidaten op het gebied van bedrijfstechnologieën voor klanten wereldwijd. SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, SAS, Cisco, EMC en IBM.


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